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Enjoy the Marathon

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I would like to offer you some encouragement to stay positive and pace yourselves. As we approach summer, it is easy to feel discouraged at not being able to meet the goals that we had set for the year. Achieving 12-month goals is a marathon, not a sprint. Take life one week at a time, focus on the top priorities for that week and focus only on those priorities.

Most people I have talked to have been experiencing Zoom fatigue. Sometimes Zoom meetings have to take place but we can combat Zoom fatigue by getting out of the house and away from a screen. As things open up more and more, take the opportunity to meet a friend or client at a restaurant or coffee shop that offers safe indoor or outdoor seating. Go for a walk in a state park, or take your dog to the dog park. Don’t want to come into contact with too many people? No problem! Go for a drive on a sunny day and experience nature from the safety of your car. As real estate agents we spend a lot of time driving so you may find a simple drive relaxing.

Finally, stay focused on your goals and make sure you take time for self-care. When you take the time to relax and recharge then you will have the energy to keep moving forward on the path to achieving your goals.


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