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The Top 7 Reasons Real Estate Agents Fail

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Only 13% of real estate agents make it to year five of their career. Why?

1.Get involved for the wrong reasons; many new brokers do not have a clear “why” for getting into real estate. They see the glamour or money that a successful career can bring, but they underestimate the work it requires.

2.Not enough savings; most new brokers will not make a sale in the first 90 days of their career so having a financial cushion is key. Most experts encourage six months of savings to weather the storm.

3.Work part-time; when buyers and sellers hire a broker they expect that broker to be readily available. As a result, they are more likely to hire a full-time professional.

4.Failed market strategy; many brokers believe that personal marketing is about bombarding their clients with sales messages or bragging about their latest success. A better strategy is to provide accurate statistical data and helpful tips on the buying and selling processes.

5.Lack of skill; navigating the sale of a real property can be challenging. Real estate transactions involve many critical steps from negotiating the terms of the sale right through closing. Selling a home is a complex process.

6.No goals or clear plan of action; goal setting is essential for any successful business, and real estate is no different. Having clear goals and a plan of action will keep you accountable and boost your profitability.

7.Failure to generate quality leads; generating leads is one of the most important skills of a good real estate broker. Not having quality leads means not closing sales…period. Find a strategy that works for you and get busy.

My job is to help ensure your career is long-lasting and sustainable. Give me a call today and let’s put together a plan for your success!


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