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The Lombardi Rules

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

A Review of the Book by Vince Lombardi Jr.

The Lombardi Rules is less about business and more about work ethic, goals, confidence and playing to your strengths. A good work ethic requires that we give 100% of our effort 100% of the time.

In his book, Lombardi encourages us to think about the big picture and to make sure our goals are closely linked to our vision. Expect the occasional bump in the road, however, stay the course. With that in mind, we must be willing to change and adapt or risk becoming obsolete.

Long term goals can be daunting so the best way to build confidence is to break them down into bite sized goals (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals), all working toward the big picture… our annual goal.

Finally, Coach Lombardi says that we must always play to our strengths… to follow OUR game plan. When we do, we eliminate those things that get in the way of success.


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