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The Power of Staging

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Recently, we had two incredible stagers, Natalie Lorenz of Decorus Home Staging and Shirin Sarikhani of Seattle Staged to Sell & Design, join us for an incredible and very informative Coaches Corner. These ladies talked about how they stage homes to sell by showing off the features of the home rather than the furniture and décor in the home.

As soon as a client puts their home on the market it becomes a product—a house and not a home. How we live in our homes is much different than how we stage a home to sell. This means that homeowners should “pre-pack” their personal items such as family photos, trophies, rugs, and other eye-catching items that distract a potential buyer from seeing the home’s features. An example Shirin gave was a client who had a beautiful Persian rug but the rug was covering herringbone hardwood floors. She asked the client to remove the rug so the floors could show because buyers are buying the hardwood floors, not the rug.

We also discussed the use of color and how our eyes stop when we see the color red, so red items can be distracting in a staged home and should be used sparingly, if at all. Entire home remodels are usually not necessary to sell a home, but with a few subtle cosmetic and décor changes a space can be transformed and sell quickly.

To read more about our expert guests, visit Natalie Lorenz at and Shirin Sarikhani at


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