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Why vs. What

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

When you first meet with a potential client, what do you talk to them about? Usually, we have a checklist that we review with them, outlining what they would love in a new home (for buyers), or what they need to do to get their home on the market (for sellers).

But do you take the time to listen to your clients and find out why they want to buy a home or sell their home?

It is just as important to ask clients why they are moving as it is to ask what they are looking for. When we ask what” questions we speak to the type of home they hope to purchase, and why” questions address their motivation. Knowing a client’s motivation for moving will help better determine when they plan to move and whether the move is out of convenience or necessity.

Why are your buyers wanting to purchase? Do they have kids and need a larger yard? Do they have a dog and need a fence? Do they want to live closer to family, or maybe public transportation? Are they tired of city noise and want the quiet of the country?

How about your sellers? Are they on a time crunch because a new job waits in another city? Do they have all the time in the world and just want to “test the market”? Have they made a contingent offer on another home? Do they want to purchase another home in a multiple-offer market?

Questions like these help you get to know your clients better and increase your chances of immediate success. So remember, it is equally important to ask why they are moving as it is to ask what they are looking for.


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