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Welcome to The Playbook

Updated: May 13, 2022

Life doesn’t always take us where our dreams think it should. When I started selling real estate 30 years ago, my goal was to take care of my family well, doing something I enjoyed, and maybe someday own an office or two. I did that, for a while, and that dream died with the economy a few years back.

So my dreams changed. I focused on doing the next thing well: management. I helped to grow several offices in the Puget Sound area and pull them out of a tough economic situation.

Then Covid hit.

And my dreams changed again. I have been coaching for years, and most recently with a large national brokerage firm. When they decided to reduce the work force, I found myself the casualty of a layoff. The following day, I formed my own coaching company.

And my dreams soared. And I love it.

Pouring into the careers of real estate agents gives my dreams wings. And hopefully, I’m doing a small part to help their dreams take flight as well.

The Playbook will consist of small snippets of what we are discussing and learning in the Coaching Program. I hope you are inspired and encouraged by these words.

I’m blessed in many ways, and I’m blessed to be called Coach. A dream come true.


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